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Eating Our Way Out Of Debt: From $1000 to $546 in Grocery Costs

You should probably know a few interesting facts about us before we go too deep. We are a family of 7, that is in debt about $51,000 (not including our property out east). We are currently a one income family that homeschools.

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Purging’s Biggest Secret

Is there a secret to purging? Do you have to have a degree in decorating and a certification in cleaning house? Do you have to have a natural knack for clean?

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The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask While Purging

We’ve been talking about purging over the last few posts. What it is and how to get started are great things to know, but what are you supposed to do next?


Well…The answer is easy. The process is a little harder but well worth the work.


Once you’ve taken the steps to plan out your purge start with the room at the top of your priority list and work your way down. But don’t just start cleaning. We don’t want to repeat past behaviors. This time we are doing something different. The entire time and from here going forward you must ask yourself 3 important questions:

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