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American Idols: Christian Words And Actions

Social media has many perks. We are able to stay connected with those from our past and our present. With a swipe of the screen you can know what baby Susy in California ate for breakfast or what Aunt Janice in Tokyo got to see today. An added benefit or consequence, depending on how you look at it, is that social media also gives us a great view of people’s hearts. More importantly,  the hearts of our brothers and sisters of fellowship in Messiah.

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Dear Transgender Man…

I would like to extend an invitation to you that I hope you’ll seriously consider. I’m sure it isn’t easy living your lifestyle, and I won’t claim to understand what it’s like. I’m sorry that people sometimes treat you badly because you are different than they are, or that you make choices they wouldn’t make. Here’s the invitation: come use the men’s bathroom.

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Our Sisters in Loss: Caring for Mamas with Empty Arms

Original Post – 4/6/2016

There are few things that can bond you to another like the pain of losing your child. It is that exact connection that brought Erin of Deafinite Designs and Henderson of Madison’s Closet.

Picture Erin’s vision for Deafinite Design was formed after the loss of her 3rd child. She wanted something she could carry with her to remember the lives she once held inside. Her and her husband were not in a place financially to afford regular goods like furniture, a phone, sometimes even food, so affording a keepsake was out of the question. She promised that if she ever had the money she would learn to create jewelry and offer remembrance pieces at an affordable price to mothers like herself. In 2013 that dream became a reality.

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