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6 Simple Steps To Help You Start Purging

If you don’t know what the big idea is with purging, I highly recommend checking out Why You Shouldn’t Clean In The New Year.

The definition I found when I went to my trusty friend, Google,  says it is to “rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.”  I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Purging my home and life have been so cathartic, and although I will initially be addressing the home, we can purge our lives of a lot of things and receive the same release that purging our stuff brings.

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It’s Okay To Be The Hot Mess Mom

We all know them. We may even be one. You know the mom I’m talking about.

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Our Sisters in Loss: Caring for Mamas with Empty Arms

Original Post – 4/6/2016

There are few things that can bond you to another like the pain of losing your child. It is that exact connection that brought Erin of Deafinite Designs and Henderson of Madison’s Closet.

Picture Erin’s vision for Deafinite Design was formed after the loss of her 3rd child. She wanted something she could carry with her to remember the lives she once held inside. Her and her husband were not in a place financially to afford regular goods like furniture, a phone, sometimes even food, so affording a keepsake was out of the question. She promised that if she ever had the money she would learn to create jewelry and offer remembrance pieces at an affordable price to mothers like herself. In 2013 that dream became a reality.

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